25 Suggestions for Practical Improvements of Performance at Any Hotel

A comprehensive list of 25 key suggestions for practical improvements at any hotel. These improvements are generic in nature and apply to all hotels irrespective of star rating, location and key propositions.

After a careful study of some of the world’s best hotel chains and guest services, we have listed 25 key improvements that can be implemented to enhance performance in a hotel. Surely  improvements at the Reception are the most noticeable but they are not enough. We have to take up every single aspect of the functioning of the hotel into account when implementing improvements – including areas where the guest might not have direct contact with hotel staff.

Our focus should be on improving the ‘stay experience’. In fact, key areas where the guest might not have direct interaction with hotel staff like housekeeping, kitchen, etc. are more important as there is no immediate feedback about whether the service provided at a particular time satisfied the guest or not. Here are the 25 key areas to be discussed in this report.


The key to providing the best hotel service is similar to thinking of what you would provide to your guests in your own house. That means something more than basic amenities, comfort and security. It is all about the total experience – Did the girl at the reception smile? Did the boy at the elevator wish your guests a good morning? Were the kitchen staff willing to serve something made-to-order? Could the guest contact home easily through the telephone or Internet? Did the hotel provide options of entertainment or tours that tempted the guest into extending his stay?

All these and many more questions go into improving the brand value and guest experience at a hotel. It all leads to the eventual question – Did your guest check out as a happy person already looking forward to returning the next time or not? For every ‘Yes’ you get to that question, you have done your job as a hotel manager.


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