Hotel local and in-house shopping facilities and tours

Shopping is as much a part of travel and holidaying now as the choice of hotel and stay program itself. Hotels initially offered the services of a guide who helped integrate shopping sessions as part of a local city tour. Guests also were left to their own resources for looking up guide books to pick out shopping areas or simply ask at the Reception about where to go. No longer. Hotels now offer special shopping trips – both as part of a loyalty rewards program or on payment. Some hotels have tie-ups with brick and mortar stores in city shopping malls too. However, not many hotels know how to make the best of this guest need.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. See if a hotel tie-up could be managed with leading stores in the city for a tailor-made shopping tour according to individual guest needs. This tour could be offered as part of a loyalty program or on payment if requested by the guest. The hotel should arrange a suitable vehicle and escort for the shopping trip to the city.
  2. Is it possible to have a small boutique or Shoppe in-house? Souvenirs, local mementos and other items of interest ranging from handicraft to hand-made gifts could be offered for sale at an in-house shop.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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