Improved security/surveillance for the hotel

All public places across the world – including hotels and hospitals – maintain a separate Security Section. This Security Section is responsible for installation of latest digital equipment like cameras, intercoms and in-house speakers throughout the premises. All Security staff members have walkie talkies or pagers. There is also a public address system installed that usually is used for playing soothing music but is absolutely essential in case of an emergency. The Security Section must maintain a 24×7 manned control room even when the occupancy is very low – for example, in cold countries if it has snowed.

Some international hotel chains have the doormen use a number ticker. This is a small punch device that the doorman simply clicks to keep count of the people entering and leaving the hotel. At the end of the day a rough count is taken of the total number of people who ‘came in’ as compared to who ‘went out’. It helps in case of an emergency.

The security staff must all be sent for regular training sessions, for physical fitness programs and be equipped with the best possible ammunition in case it is required for purposes of deterrence.


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