Hotel postal mail service performance

Postal mail service for sending souvenirs, letters, photographs etc to friends, family

Despite the tremendous use of the Internet to send emails, the postal and courier services have their own utility particularly for hotel guests. Most guests still like to post home a picture postcard or a letter written on the letterhead of a hotel. Also, guests often like to use a courier service or the postal parcel service to send home antiques, gifts, souvenirs they buy so as not to have extra baggage when traveling back. The Internet has not been able to impact the sentimental reasons for writing to friends and family using the traditional postal services available at holiday locales. Branded hotel stationery is part of the class of a hotel.

Step-by-step implementation

  • Branded stationery is an absolute must to add class to any hotel. It should be available on request and stocked in all rooms. However, ensure that it is changed from time to time and the envelopes or paper has not yellowed.
  • Make special arrangements at the Reception to have parcels, letters, postcards, etc. from guests to be sent out with regular hotel postal mail.
  • The Housekeeping Section should always be equipped to help guests prepare packages with a stock of adhesive tapes, cartons, glue, box stuffing, etc.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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