Availability of newspapers, magazines at the hotel

Interestingly, despite the growing utility and use of the Internet, newspapers and magazine have not yet gone out of fashion altogether. Hotel guests still want to check out the morning newspaper and any local magazines they can find at the hotel. Several international hotels also publish their own in-house magazines and hand out complimentary copies to guests. These magazines advertise stay packages and other facilities available at the hotel apart from articles about local culture, entertainment and sports scene etc.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. Have a complimentary morning newspaper delivered to all the rooms occupied by guests. It is an old tradition which the best of international hotels have maintained till today. It would be nice to offer a newspaper according to guest choice. Guests might be asked at check-in time what newspaper they would – for example, in what language from those available.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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