Hotel emergency services performance

The primary focus of hotels – apart from guest service – is security and safety. No laxity on these fronts is tolerated in the industry. Unfortunately, accidents and mishaps do occur so a hotel should have all provisions to help guests deal with an emergency. The foremost tool to handle any emergency situation is the right phone number to make a call for help. An SOS phone number could be that of the hotel’s own emergency help section, city’s police, fire service, doctor, etc. Then there are features like fire escapes, extinguishers, or help with basic medicines and the presence of an in-house physician. Extra focus on faster provision of help in emergency situations is a value addition for guests.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. All telephone numbers for help in case of emergency should be clearly displayed in the hotel lobby, restaurant, elevators and rooms. Check with your Security Section if a special ‘Emergency Help’ buzzer could be installed in all rooms or in corridors.
  2. The Reception staff should tell the guests – at the time of check-in – about how they might buzz for help in case of an emergency.  It should be a brief routine that should be made mandatory for all guests.
  3. The hotel should have an in-house physician or doctor. Ensure that simple non-prescription medication is easily available at the Reception and with Housekeeping.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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