Hotel improved pick-up and drop services for railway station/airport

The first question a guest asks on making a reservation at a hotel is: How would I get there from the airport/railway station? Eighty per cent of guests would like to have a convenient and cost-effective pick-up and drop-off service from airports and railway stations. Most often guests have to make their own arrangements for the commute because hotel charges are usually high for these services. A complimentary pick-up or drop-off service would help a hotel stay ahead of competition. Guests would be charmed by a hotel that saves them the bother of worrying about directions and commute from the railway station or airport.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. Try and add a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service to earn guest loyalty. Even if these services are to be charged, try and stay ahead of the competition by discounting the charges.
  2. For guests who do book pick-up and drop-off services, ensure that the driver deputed for the job is punctual and trustworthy. The guest could be asked if their cellphone number could be given to the driver deputed to pick them up.
  3. At the time of confirmed reservation itself schedule which vehicle would be sent to pick up a guest. Inform the guest beforehand about the registration number and type of the vehicle, name of the driver and his cellphone number. A tentative spot where the guest would be picked up by the driver might be decided too.
  4. The driver should be aware of the name, all arrival details of the guest.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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