Hotel employee concerns

A hotel is one big family and without focus on the well-being of each of the employees, no real business success is possible in the industry. Hotel managers must be great team leaders and should keep track of employee needs, concerns and requirements. Only happy employees provide happy service to guests. But it’s not just focus on employee salary that is required. Managers must also focus on employees’ professional and personal growth. Employee-friendly programs or schemes like group insurance, health insurance, study programs etc. should all be taken care of. This should be done apart from taking care of employees’ daily requirements of uniform, training, incentives etc.

Step-by-step implementation

1.       Ensure all employees follow a code of conduct, are disciplined, wear proper uniforms or formal dress as required by the hotel, and adopt a helpful and pleasant attitude when dealing with guests.

2.       Hotel managers should discuss with the Human Resources Department salary, working contracts, promotions, bonuses etc. for each employee or at least section head.

3.       See what loan and insurance schemes could be offered to clients.

4.       Could employees be helped with an in-house medical program or housing scheme?

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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