WI-FI internet in hotel not just loss, great opportunity for any hotel

10 Wi-Fi tips for hotel managerIf you think that Wi-Fi in your hotel is just a loss of money because of installation, service and running costs, then check out the list of ready-to-use ideas below. In few days you can convert your loss into marketing machine.

1. Make sure that you have wi-fi and it is free

2. Make sure it is easy to connect to your network. I do understand all that security issues about passwords and logins, but I agree to enter the data only once, not every time I’m switching my laptop on.

3. Rename your wi-fi network name to something meaningful, not just network_r23,but www.yourhotelwebsite.com – this will promote your hotel as well.

4. Don’t ask users to register, you already have their emails from booking or loyalty cards, why forcing them to register once more? You want them officially agree to TOS, do it in some other way.

5. Another best practice: once logged in, redirect your guest to your Facebook page. Normally, people won’t go to Facebook to find your hotel’s page, but if you will push them in this direction carefully, then they will “like” your page.

6. Marketing: people actually don’t need wi-fi – people need conditions to use their laptop to check email, do some job, so it is good idea to promote such conditions like desk, wi-fi, electricity outlet that you don’t need to search across all the room. Promote the concept of the office, not just wi-fi.

7. I know that big network hotels tend to sell wi-fi, business hotels think that it is normal practice, even if you do so, don’t add problems to accountant, include everything in one bill.

8. Crash-test your wi-fi: at least, test connections via laptop, iPad, Android. In some hotels connection with laptop is fine, but Android smartphone struggle to connect because of some technical problem.

9. If your wi-fi is password protected, give password to your guests on check-in, don’t make people go down just to take a password, because they forgot to ask.

10. Coverage – make sure it is available across all the hotel, don’t make guests running across your hotel in order to find good signal.

And that was just wi-fi 🙂 In our BSC Toolkit for Hotels we have more check-lists, some ready-to-use scorecards and KPIs to measure and improve performance of your hotel. You will also find there guides on how to implement changes and train personnel. 


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