Hotel guest surveys

The hospitality industry is based on good service and unless a hotel understands guest needs, it cannot flourish. Hotel managers should be alert to changing needs and requirements because guests would not return unless they have had a comfortable stay with pleasing service. Tracking guests needs with surveys is essential for improvements and maintaining good occupancy. Guest surveys serve as barometers for every aspect of a hotel and good managers guide their staff and capitalize on information collected thus. Guest surveys should always be followed up by offers, deals and rewards. They should be integrated with the hotel’s loyalty program also.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. Have a simple, short guest survey form filled up by each guest on check-out. This could be done at the Reception or even sent to the guest’s room on the day of check-out.
  2. Use guest surveys to build an emotional connect with the guest by also asking them to fill their anniversary or birthday dates.
  3. Ask short but specific questions on every aspect of a guest’s stay including room service, quality of food, d├ęcor, etc. A simple form where a guest is asked to rate various aspects of the hotel on a 1-5 scale followed by a small paragraph space for comments works well for guest surveys.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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