Housekeeping more efficient and personalized

Housekeeping accounts for a major part of the expenses of a hotel. Good housekeeping, by itself, would improve the occupancy rate at any hotel. In fact, housekeeping could make or break the brand image of a hotel and guest loyalty. Managers should focus on making housekeeping more efficient and personalized for promoting a brand image representing quality and cleanliness. Guests should feel they are in a comfortable, healthy, hygienic and safe environment. Basic housekeeping work involves cleaning rooms and bathrooms, cleaning public areas like the lobby etc., replacing toiletries, bedding, etc. Housekeeping also involves washing, drying and ironing of clothes if requested by the guests, shoe-polishing, managing requests for extra beds, bed clothes, etc. Housekeeping must function 24×7.

Step-by-step implementation

  1. Employ trained housekeeping staff. Ensure regular training sessions and focus on improving teamwork. Background checks on housekeeping staff are absolutely essential for trust.
  2. Certain housekeeping services which are usually charged for separately – like shoe-polishing, dry cleaning etc. – could be offered on a complimentary basis depending upon guest loyalty. Housekeeping complimentary gifts go a long way in building a good clientele.
  3. Ensure that all housekeeping calls are answered immediately and requests taken care of within a maximum of 15 minutes. Service change requests like replacements of towels, bed clothes etc. should not take more than five minutes. It is ideal to maintain a small storage section for housekeeping on every floor.
  4. Evolve an in-house rewards program for the staff.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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