Motivate people to use Balanced Scorecard in hotel business

The key question about using the Balanced Scorecard is how to motivate people to actually use the Balanced Scorecard in the hotel or any other business. And here is a part of Balanced Scorecard motivation training, that explains one issue:

Do It Fast!

If you allow the implementation of any new system  to become a long, slow process, your team will eventually lose whatever enthusiasm and motivation they may have had in the beginning.

The solution is to make your implementation process faster.  For instance, you could focus on just a few business units at a time, quickly implement the Balanced Scorecard in each of those  units, and then move on to others.

How fast can implementation be?  In theory, you could switch measurement systems over the weekend.  Obviously, the  migration process would be very difficult in this case, but the transition would certainly be fast enough to keep your employees focused  and motivated. A more realistic plan might be to implement your new system over the course of a week, giving your employees time to work with the new system.

Of course,  if you decide to attempt such a fast implementation, you should make sure that your new system can support the old tools, indicators, and reports your staff already  knows how to use.


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