Top 5 low cost marketing ideas for hotel

Here are top 5 marketing ideas for hotel that will cost you just your time and may be some money:

  1. Contact your guests. Do you know how many hotels contact their guests before or after their stay? Just about 5% of hotels do this. Use simple feedback form to get fresh ideas from your customer. Don’t ask simple questions “What do you like about our hotel?” — instead as “What can we do to make our hotel your preferred place to stay next time?”
  2. Put your name on some useful things. Put your logo and your name on the map that you give to your guests. They will always be able to find their hotel and they will probably save this map for future visits of the city.
  3. Loyalty card or $10 voucher. After check-out give your guest a 10$ voucher that he or his friends can use for future stay.
  4. Allow your guests to send post cards from your hotel for free. It will not cost you anything, but together with postcard you can send detailed information about your hotel.
  5. Promote services that you already have. If guests can leave their luggage after check-out for sometime, tell about this on your web-site. If free parking is available – tell about this on your web-site. If paid parking is available tell where is the parking with the best price. If your receptionists are friends and could help with some travel information – don’t forget to mention this too.


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