Pets allowed – hidden opportunity to have more clients

It is obvious that a hotel cannot be everything for anybody, some people prefer to have a spa, others need parking, others are looking for a hotel in historic center. But there are things that any hotel can suggest and as a result win competitions with hotels located nearby.

Before I was sharing my thoughts about WiFi, no the turn is for pets. How hard is for hotel to be pets-friendly? Actually, the basic requirement is to provide water-proof floors and some basic sound isolation for walls. Nothing fancy.

Then you just mark you hotel on the booking site as a hotel that is happy to see guests with their pets (probably only small ones) and that’s it! As usually you can make additional business by up-selling some dog/cat related products for a case a guest has forgot to bring something.

Here in Spain most hotels charge additional 10 EUR per night if you check in with a pet. No additional service is provided (such as bed for a dog), but owners of dogs are happy to stay in such a hotel.

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