Improved efficiency at hotel reception

If the Reception is not up to the mark, a hotel would have guests turning away from the doorstep! The Reception area requires special focus both when it comes to staff and the decor The Reception being the first point of contact with guests could even turn away guests who have booked their stay before. Guests who do not find themselves welcome or comfortable in the Reception area could easily explore another hotel nearby! A well-managed and well-maintained Reception area is like a window to what the guest could expect in the rest of the hotel. Is it about quality, comfort and ease? The Reception area is enough to create an impression about the rest of the hotel in a guest’s mind and he might not bother to look further!

Step-by-step implementation

  1. Courteous, well-mannered staff is an absolute must at the Reception. Staff that knows an international language apart from English and the local language are always a good asset at the Reception.
  2. Reception staff must be well-dressed and soft-spoken at all times even when they are faced with a guest who is upset about something.
  3. Most guests have traveled before they check in to a hotel. Guests who are checking out would be anxious to continue their journey safely. In both cases the Reception staff should be efficient to help the guests through the formalities of checking-in and checking-out in the shortest time possible.

More steps in the full edition of the BSC Toolkit for Hotel.


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