5 low cost ideas for hotel

Here are 5 low ideas that will cost you just a little or even nothing, but will significantly improve impression from your hotel.

  1. Free Wi-Fi. There should be free Wi-Fi internet connection! Our tip: make it easier for customers to find password, put it on the table.
  2. Where you are? Make sure there is address and the map on your business card. For people who stay in your hotel it will be easier to show taxi driver this card that trying to explain where the hotel is.
  3. Luggage room. Most hotels offer luggage room where people can leave their luggage before check-in or after check-out. By just letting people know about this option, you will earn additional scores for free.
  4. City map. Make a high-quality copy or better take a good one specially designed by tourist center.
  5. Good coffee. Invest in good coffee-machine and good coffee, it will dramatically improve impression of your guests.
  6. Bonus idea: if you provide parking (free or paid one) make sure your guests know how to get there BEFORE they actually got to the hotel.


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